ONTD Original: 5 Awkward Interviews

#5 Taylor Swift Ignores Katy Perry Mention [2013 VMAs]
"Katy Perry's performing..."

During a red carpet interview, Taylor was asked which performances she was most looking forward to. The interviewer mentioned Katy Perry, and after a quick pause, Taylor mentioned her friends being there and how totally awesome it is to get to hang out with them.


#4 Leah Miller Stanning Hilary Duff [Live@Much]
"Hilary's the star - I'm just, like, this girl on TV, give me a break now."

Much VJ Leah Miller spent a big portion of the interview trying to make it evident that her and Hilary Duff are, in fact, friends, you guys. Exaggerated laughter at Hilary's comments, baby talk, agreeing wholly at everything Hilary says. Not a horrible interview, it just got awkward whenever Leah would step in as BFF!Leah.

Also: OP vividly remembers the pre-interview limo ride Leah had with Hilary and her stanning was embarrassing. Wish it could be found on YouTube tbh.


#3 David Letterman Makes Lindsay Lohan Cry
"You have to be in rehab May 2nd, are you gonna be there? You'll be there, right? Who's taking you to rehab?"

David Letterman couldn't stop making fun of Lindsay Lohan, and she went along well with it by making fun of herself while at the same time acknowledging that all of what she had done wasn't a joke. She handled it with a surprising grace, but David just could not let go of it. There were a couple of times Lindsay would just stay tight-lipped and silent, not wanting to encourage him. Lindsay started crying at the end of the interview when David finally said something nice to her.
"You have enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me."


#2 Ashley Olsen Nervously Talks About Mary Kate [Rove Australia]
"You know, it's, you know. Um."

Ashley did a long distance interview with Rove Australia at the height of the promotion for New York Minute. Mary Kate was in rehab at the time and couldn't be by her side. When asked about how Mary Kate was doing, Ashley got very nervous and most of what came out of her mouth consisted of stall words ('you know', 'um'). She handled it well, but it's a little difficult to sit through.


#1 Erica Durance Devastated After Howard Stern
A nightmare. If you're sensitive to second-hand embarrassment, don't watch lmao

It starts off with co-host Robin Quivers not really being hf Erica as a guest. Whether Erica did or said something to Robin or what is not known. There was a very odd tension between them throughout this entire interview that never went acknowledged, but that's not even the worst part.

Erica thought she was coming onto Howard Stern to promote the Butterfly Effect 2, but he was fixated on something he read in an FHM interview regarding her personal life with her husband. It was stated that they host nude parties with their friends, and Howard really wanted to know more about that. Erica grew up in a very conservative environment and such parties give her a sense of freedom, but she worried the conversation was headed towards something more sexual. Although, Howard claims, "I'm not blown up by 'you're naked', I'm blown up by the protocol of all this."

She tried to steer the subject elsewhere, but when Howard said, "fuck the movie - I wanna talk about this," she humoured him on the subject a little bit. But she was reluctant, fidgety, and extremely uncomfortable.

But that's not even the worst part.

At some point, Artie Lange stepped in when the interview was going nowhere to try to get Erica to talk about whether or not people who looked like him would show up and get naked. She went the 'we are judgement-free, a safe environment' route, to which Howard called bullshit. Erica then tried to explain how this part of her life was "misprinted" in the interview with FHM, where they made it seem like Erica and her husband host such parties every weekend.

That's not even the worst part.

Howard brought on a "Wendy the R*t*rd" (ugh) phone call and Erica was horrified at the concept. Robin Quiver was egging it on, Erica remained silent, occasionally letting out an awkward chuckle.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

That's not even the worst part.

This is the worst part. Richard and Sal chime in.
Richard or Sal (OP doesn't care enough to figure out who is who): "Hey, Howard. We're longtime listeners, it's an honor to have [Erica] here, but in all honesty," they turn to Erica, "you better step it up or get the fuck outta here. Because this interview blows! Are you familiar with The Howard Stern Show and how it works? I mean, you're dressed like an Amish broad, loosen up a little bit!"
Richard/Sal: "She's dressed up to her neck in clothes!"
Erica: "That's right. I figure what I talk about is juxtaposed by what I'm wearing."

This little interaction obliterated the already-failing interview.

Once the cameras stopped following her and the mics were off, she reportedly left abruptly and "was hysterical, crying".