Petition For Taylor Swift to "Re-Record" First 6 Albums Nearing 200,000 Signatures

A petition that popped up the day that Taylor Swift announced that she was "sad and disgusted" that Scooter Braun bought her old record label is now approaching 200,000 signatures (almost half of the signatures of what Taylor's Lover™ branded Equality Act petition has received in over a month). The petition is for Taylor Swift to re-record her past albums because through the sale of Big Machine Records, Braun now controls her master recordings. There is no clear answer as to what this would accomplish for Swift, who's net worth is reported to be $360 Million.

If you recall, JoJo re-recorded her first two albums and a handful of "one off" singles that her incompetent former record label would had not added to any streaming services. It is unclear what the end goal for Swifties truly is; Taylor's back catalogue is still available for streaming and isn't showing signs of going anywhere. It should be noted that Taylor will continue to profit from her original songs being streamed / bought because she still retains publishing rights to every song that she has written.

Most recently, Swift's friend Troye Sivan signed and wrote:

“Taylor wrote every damn lyric from her album Speak Now, 75 per cent from her other five albums. It’s her art. She’s incredibly talented, she’s my friend and I love her. Scooter Braun, I don’t know you. Bye, bye.”

It is unclear if Sivan understands that Swift is still receiving the same amount of money for her songwriting that she was making a month ago, when Braun wasn't in the picture.

Several outlets are also reporting that other celebrity co-sponsors include Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes, with the following being top comments on the petition:

It should be noted how easy it is to fake a signature, demonstrated by this post by "Harry Styles"


PS for anyone wondering what music masters are and what happens now that Scooter "owns" Taylor's: please listen to the latest episode of NYT's Popcast, which provides a concise overview of the situation and if it even matters