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Taylor Swift's 4th of July Celebration with The Kennedys Detailed in New Book

According to the new book The Kennedy Heirs: John, Caroline, and the New Generation by biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, Taylor Swift was treated like family during the time that she spent infiltrating the Kennedy compound in 2012. According the the authour:

  • Taylor was always a fan of the Kennedys and read two of Tarborrelli's books and watched a bunch of documentaries before meeting anyone from the family

  • When Rory Kennedy found out that she was a fan she reached out to Taylor asking for tickets to her Speak Now tour

  • Taylor gladly obliged to have the kids come to the concert, complete with meet and greets

  • At the meet and greet Taylor asked for Rory to pass her contact information along to Ethel, the Kennedy she seemed to admire the most

  • Rory passed her number along, which eventually led to Ethel and Taylor having lunch together

  • From that lunch came an invitation for Taylor to join the family at a Sundance Red™ carpet premiere of the HBO Kennedy documentary Ethel

  • From here, Ethel invited Taylor to the Kennedy family compound for the 4th of July weekend in 2012

  • The first night of the weekend she hung out with the younger Kennedy kids and doing typical Kennedy weekend activities: drinking, fishing, swimming, playing 'flashlight tag' etc.

  • The following day included breakfast made by a chef (Palm Beach crab stack with poached eggs)

  • Lunch was on Ethel's patio, where Taylor debuted a live acoustic performance of the song she wrote called Starlight, which was inspired by Ethel

  • Ethel was "beyond moved"

  • Dinner was a formal event, with a "first course of baked brie wrapped in phyllo with walnut, followed by barbecued Cajun shrimp as well as halibut"

  • After the weekend was over it was clear: Taylor was now an honorary Kennedy

  • Ethel was taken by how "game" she was for activities, trying things she had never done before like sailing and "dragging"

The Relationship with Conor Kennedy

  • The weekend also led to romance between Taylor and Conor, who she ended up writing many songs on 2012's Red about (they broke up before the release)

  • Taylor was 22, Conor was 17 (turning 18 on July 24th)

  • Conor was still dealing with his Mom's recent suicide, and Taylor "saw something in his vulnerability"

  • When Taylor pressed him for details, Conor responded with a single sentence: "Life's messy."

  • The relationship was a clear summer fling, and their regular activities included getting pizza, or going to church together

  • By August, Taylor was so swept up that she bought her infamous Cape Cod house (which made Conor "nervous")

  • On August 23rd it was reported that Conor and Taylor crashed the wedding of Kyle Kennedy, and asked to leave not once, but twice.

  • She apologized to Ethel, who didn't seem to care and told her not to worry about it

  • By September Conor and Taylor had ended their relationship, and Taylor sold her house for $1 Million more than what she paid for it

  • Taylor later commented on the summer with The Kennedy family: “It was one of the best times of my life.”


Now THIS is the Taylor Swift that I love and respect. Be the American royalty that you wish to see in the world! Fave Taylor 4th of July Shenanigans, ONTD?
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