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the 'rolling stone' charts are here! (do you care?)

  • stans rejoice! rolling stone has unveiled its new music charts, which it claims are more accurate in reflecting the music listening habits of the general public with a focus on streaming. the new singles chart is updated daily with data from streaming services, physical retailers, and record labels as opposed to every week (because rolling stone had time the rest of us didn't). the new charts are designed to make the ranking calculations more transparent to readers (op note: ).

  • the charts include the rolling stone 100 songs chart, the rolling stone 200 album chart, the rolling stone artists 500 chart, the rolling stone trending 25 chart, and the rolling stone breakthrough 25 chart.

  • rolling stone has also shared its general methodology and chart specific methodologies for its calculations for anyone that hates themselves enough to try to understand this mess.

  • chart breakdown: the rolling stone 100 songs charts the top 100 songs in the country, the rolling stone 200 album charts the top 200 albums in the country, the rolling stone artists 500 ranks the 500 most streamed artists, the rolling stone trending 25 ranks songs making big gains in popularity, and the rolling stone breakthrough 25 highlights artists appearing on the charts for the first time.

  • highlights: lil nas x's "old town road" continues to be a thorn in your faves collective side and tops the inaugural rolling stone 100, while the raconteurs’ new album, help us stranger, earns the first-ever top slot on the rolling stone 200. drake leads the rolling stone artists 500 and seaforth’s “love that” heads up the rolling stone trending 25.

view the full charts at the links above and the top five of each chart below:

how are sales and streams calculated? does ugc (user generated content) chart? why do these charts even exist? here's an faq!

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

ontd, are you excited for a new source of truth to compete with billboard sometimes questionable standings or are you ti'ed of feeling like you need a degree in advance mathematics to understand the results of even more charts?
my ass trying to reason this shit:

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