The father of Avicii urges policymakers to address mental health problems earlier

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- Bergling said his son was "happy" in the lead up to his death, but added: "If you are very happy or extremely happy, it's not so far to be unhappy ... small things can make you sad or move your balance and I think this is what happened."

- "Our theory is not that he planned this suicide -- more that it was like a traffic accident Many things happened and came into the same station, so to say, and brought him out of his control."

-Urges politicians to tackle mental health issues early in life. "School should be the best place for the children, so let's make it the best place for the children,"

- "The most important thing (is) trying to catch the problem earlier," he said. "It's really a political question that has to be solved, not talked about for 10 more years."