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Two Female Writers Claim They Were Pushed Out of Idris Elba Play

Two female writers claim they were removed, without credit, from a high-profile British theater production.
They conceived the original idea for the show and worked for four years on the project.
They were dropped shortly before it went into production. 
They felt "bullied and silenced" by the play's producers who made financial offers to buy them off.

In 2015, they worked with Elba developing and workshopping the project for the next 3 and a half years. 
They were sidelined with Kwei-Armah showing a “clear intention to write the piece” as well as direct it.

Henley and Allen-Martin have set up a donations page online to raise money to pay their legal fees.
And to raise money for 'Burn Bright' to help female writers in the creative industries.

Tags: british celebrities, broadway / theatre, idris elba, sexism

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