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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way - "Y'all..There is a Child Named Drascilla" Discussion Post

- OP is here with a 90DF recap. Is you shook?
- Rinsing Queen Evelin wants Brighman Young University to do things on his own. Sis didn't even pick him up from the airport or the bus stops
- Some Koreaboo with Child with Wild Child arrives LATE to the airport looking a mess picking up her boyfriend and his adorable parents. (OP wishes their dog could've come on this trip.)
- Karine's English game is on a fucking hundred and OP can't wait until she levels up even more and cusses out Paul in Portuguese and then follows up with an English translation
- We see Laura's new spouse... Wow! A MAN! He trying to look gewd for his woman so they can have some jiggy jiggy
- Ummm but this motherfucker be putting her on time out
- Jihoon's adorable parents really like the house but that toddler Drosophila running wildT is not impressive
- Jihoon ain't getting no jiggy jiggy
- BYU keeps saying "I hope that...", bruh you need to decide this before you sell all belongings and move thousands of miles away
- Laura is trying to improve Aladin's hankity pankity
- The Pyro cannot live to Brazil because he's committed crimes against humanity which is absolutely true.

This episode has been brought to you by not brushing up on your geography skills because you've spent all your time improving your dildo salesman expertise.
Tags: come to brazil, pregnancy, reality show, television - tlc, you in danger

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