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Neymar case: Police asks for more time to investigate

- Yesterday ended the legal deadline (30 days) for the police investigation of the case in which Najila Trindade accuses Neymar Jr of rape. The police files were sent to a criminal court that specialises in domestic violence cases. (Why DV?  it's because the police chief considered that there was "an intimate relationship of affection" between Neymar and Najila).

- The police chief has asked the judge for an additional 30 days to wrap up the investigation (which she doesn't have to use in full). She may also ask the judge for an order so she can finally have access to that hotel CCTV footage (according to the media, the hold up on that is that French authorities want a judicial order to give them to police). When the police investigation is finally over, the prosecutors will decide whether to charge Neymar or not (or ask for the police to gather more evidence).

- One of the prosecutors assigned to the case has said she's interested in asking for a psych eval of Najila. Najila's lawyer is against it. "The victim's lawyer told the press he would be against this evaluation because it would suggest that the victim has some kind of problem. So, we'll evaluate, when the police files are turned over to the prosecution, if there'll be a need for it or not". She points out that psych evals are commonly asked in cases of sexual crimes, but says they'll take the wishes of Najila's lawyer into consideration.

- Yesterday Najila sent a cousin to the police station to try to get her phone back. She had given them a brand-new iPhone from which forensics were trying to recover her phone records, files and whatsapp conversations that were on her old phone (there has been no word about whether they were successful and what they may have uncovered). The police refused the request, saying that, because of Najila's history of missing electronic items (the tablet and old phone), they would only give back the phone to Najila herself or her lawyer.

- Details of Neymar's statement to the police in the case of the leaked pictures of Najila have emerged. He supposedly said that he wasn't the one responsible for the publication of the Instagram video of the messages between himself and Najila. He said he sent the video he recorded and the messages to his communications staff, responsible for posting it. His employee Alex Bernardo admitted he was the one who posted in on Instagram, but said the video was edited by an IT guy they hired, who was told to blur the pictures and Najila's name. Neymar said he never meant to harm Najila Trindade with the video, that he only tried to "defend himself from a false accusation of an extremely serious crime". It is not clear whether any of that will be of use to Neymar's defense, as the 'revenge porn' law is extremely new and there is not enough jurisprudence to know the standards that will be applied in determining guilt.

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