Scooter Braun's group that bought Big Machine Records has ties to Carlyle Group

Scooter Braun's group, Ithaca Holdings, purchased Big Machine Records for over $300 million, meaning that they now own the masters for Taylor Swift's music recorded under Big Machine Records. Taylor publicly critcized the decision due to Scooter's involvement in Kanye West's "Famous" video that she described as revenge porn.

Scott Borchetta, the former owner of Big Machine Records, will remain the CEO/President of Big Machine and join the Ithaca board as a minority stakeholder.

Scooter Braun and Ithaca's purchase of Big Machine Records was made possible with the help of the Carlyle Group that will contribute in cash and bring Ithaca's valuation to over $800 million. Carlyle will remain a minority shareholder in Ithaca and continue to support the combined company’s growth strategy with Jay Sammons, head of Carlyle’s global consumer team, remaining on Ithaca’s board.

Carlyle group has been critcized for funding war and genocide in Yemen. The Carlyle group with its stake in WESCO and contract with BAE Systems produces the jets that Saudi Arabia uses to bomb Yemen. The Caryle Group also owns a 50% stake in Supreme.

Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings recent transactions include buying Big Machine Records, launching Mythos Studios in partnership with Marvel Founding Chairman David Maisel, the acquisition of Atlas Publishing and partnerships with Jason Owen’s Sandbox Entertainment as well as Morris Higham Management, and the launching of Raised in Space, an investment fund led by former BMG President Zach Katz. Ithaca also has longstanding partnerships with rapper, Drake, and his manager, Adel Nur aka "Future the Prince."

Source: Twitter, Variety, Esquire, DBK News