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ONTD Original: Celebrities who don’t like drinking water and/or think it tastes boring

Water is essential to our everyday life. Without it, we would perish. But some celebrities just don’t drink enough water, like it, or think it tastes boring.

Here are a few celebrities who do drink water but aren’t exactly big fans.

Gigi Hadid
“Stay hydrated, but I’m the worst at drinking water," she said. “My mom always makes me drink more water so I need to give that tip to myself.”

“I don't drink coffee; it doesn't do anything for me. I don't drink energy drinks or soda, either. And I hate water,” said the Replay singer. “I’m a juice drinker but not fancy-people juice. Like Tropicana or lemonade - not fancy,” she adds.

Tom Ford
“I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t do any drugs. It’s very exciting. A life on water. You actually discover that water has a flavor,” says the fashion designer. “I’m kidding. Water is so boring! But that’s all I drink,” he adds.

Lindsay Lohan
“I freak out when I get any blemishes and I’ll pick my face—I’m so, so bad about that. I wouldn’t say that I have acne-prone skin, though—it’s normal-to-dry—especially dry if I’m traveling and not drinking enough water. I forget about that...water is so boring.”

This one is quite a reach but I needed a fifth to round this post up.

Kelly Rowland
A picky water drinker: “The only thing I really love is Fiji water. I don’t like any other water.”

Updated to include:

Tori Spelling
“I hate water! I’m never thirsty actually. I don’t drink water.” As a result, “I don’t sweat,” says Spelling. “Isn’t that weird?”

Thanks andisprohi.

ONTD, do you drink water?

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