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Banks talks upcoming album 'III,' plans to release a poetry book

Almost three years after the release of her sophomore album The Altar, Banks is gearing up for a return to music with III, arriving July 12. Preceded by singles "Gimme" and the Francis and the Lights-assisted "Look What You're Doing to Me," Banks' third album promises to be her most emotive yet. In a new interview with The Line of Best Fit, the 31 year old discusses her recording process, III's scrapped original title, and plans to release a book of her poetry.

On songwriting and recording: "A lot of the time when I'm making music and I think of melodies I'll record something into a voice memo. [...] When I write a song, I like recording without headphones, 'cause it feels vibier. Usually I get so used to hearing the take that I did the first time, I'll try to do it properly with headphones and I won't like it, so I'll end up having to use the take that has all the mud and the bleed from the room in."

On III's original, Fiona Apple-esque title: "I wanted to call it this whole poem. It's called 'Ode to the Grey Zone.'"
[Spoiler (click to open)]Ode to the grey zone.
Now I know that it exists.
I'd heard stories long ago
One woman entered its abyss
She said that the road was messy
Steps were crooked
Signs were wrong.
I heard myths that front was back
And white was black
And short was long.
I asked how could someone know where they were going if alone?
I asked should I wait to enter till I feel I'm fully grown?
She said,
“Child, silly girl. You were born already whole.
You've been fully grown since the beginning,
Life just took its toll.
You need to remember that whenever one road seems too long
Answers to unanswered questions lie in your unwritten songs.
Solace lies inside the soulless when they see they're fully souled."

On her poetry: "I'm releasing a poetry book! I'm just as excited about this poem book as the album! I've always been a songwriter, and therefore a poet, but now that I've embraced writing poetry, I've noticed that the area that my music comes from and the area that my poetry comes from both feed into the same funnel that helps me heal and function."

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