Todrick Hall says Scooter Braun is homophobic, Todrick gets called a scammer, Demi Lovato chimes in

Todrick Hall, a friend of Taylor Swift's and former client of Scooter Braun, said on twitter that Scooter Braun is an evil, homophobic person who only cares about his wealth and feeding his disgusting ego. Allison K Scarinzi the general manager at Scooter Braun's "SB Projects" said that this is a defamatory statement and Todrick was dropped for stealing from fans on his Christmas tour.
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Source: Twitter 1, 2

I think I included all the updates of anything that hasn't been in the two other posts right now. But I will try to update if there's any more news from those involved or celebs reacting with statements (I'm not going to post updates about celebs liking or unfollowing since the post is already so long and that isn't really significant news). Also I didn't realize, but there was something up with the coding of this post where a lot of the tweets didn't show up, so I fixed it.