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Tina Turner for "Sunday Morning"

- Tina Turner was interviwed by Gayle King to talk about her book "My love story".

-Turner is a swiss citizen now and gave King a dance lesson.

- Considers her marriage to Erwin Bach, who she was involved with since 1986 and married 6 years ago, her first because when Ike Turner asked her to marry him she knew it was for a reason beyond love and that she had to say yes or there was going to be a violent fight.

- When she first saw Ike she thought he was ugly and to skinny, but had a presence. When he performed she knew she had to work with him.

- She learned of her name being changed when Ike gave her a record with the new name on it. Her birth name was Anna Mae Bullock.

- She says Ike was cruel to her because he knew he had to depend on her for success and he hated that.

- She thought her voice was ugly and to deep compared to the others girls at the time like Diana Ross.

- She was not thinking of her career when she left Ike. She was thinking of where to lay her head next and then enjoying her new found freedom.

- She did not like "What's love got to do with it" at first, but she made it her own and got her first number one single at 44.

-Thinks her son, who took his life almost a year ago was very lonely and has pictures of him all over her home.( Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255)

- Retired in 2007, and was glad to be done with touring. When King says her fans miss her, Turner says thats ok and they can watch video footage like she does.

- Turner has had a stroke, cancer and kidney failure. When her husband offered her his kidney she declined saying she was old and he had more years to live longer than her. He said we all live and die and she accepted his kidney.

- She says she is at peace and while she had a hard life she does not blame anyone or anything as she survied.

- A musical of her life premiers in London in October.

Ontd: What is your favorite Tina Turner song?

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