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Anger over comic at RIT

Controversial comic comes to RIT
Reported by: Kevin Jolly
03/23/2007 06:12pm

She's known as the Queen of Mean. An insult comic who pushes the envelope with her biting humour. But some think Lisa Lampanelli goes too far. In January during a radio interview on the Brother Wease Show on WCMF, Lampinelli said that "God hates deaf people". She also cracked, “don’t you think deaf people could maybe be retarded and they're trying to sneak by saying they're deaf.” Many deaf students at Rochester Institute of Technology aren't laughing. Student and filmmaker Ruthie Jordan thnks Lampanelli shouldn’t be allowed to perform at the school.

**RIT is actually the school of many deaf students around Rochester, NY, which is probably why this issue is even more significant to the college.

“I do not think it's appropriate that Lisa Lampanelli comes to RIT as an entertainer," said Jordan. But some students think that's just the reaction Lampinelli wants. "I think she's just trying to shock people to get a laugh," said James Cezo. Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Heath Boice-Pardee says the controversy may be a teachable moment. "What this has down is highlight the fine line between free speech and what we view on campus as respect for other people," said Boice-Pardee.

Student body president Lizzie Sorkin says although she's offended by the comments, she thinks students have a right to decide for themselves. . "There are people out there who say, "no I think its funny and its just an act it's a show i enjoy it and I laugh and I don't take it personally," and you have to listen to those comments they've got a point," said Sorkin. Lampanelli's publicist Liz McComb released a statement saying that the interview was taken out of context. McComb says, "Lisa is an insult comic and her act is designed to poke fun at all stereotypes and to encourage people to laugh at their differences. She leaves no one out. But she is not a hateful person."


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