The Killers give a triumphant performance at Glastonbury with guests Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr

OP is officially back on their bullshit.

The Killers brought their A-Game last night and killed it (pun intended) with their set list at Glastonbury. After a somewhat disastrous performance due to sound issues and restrictions back in 2007, the band was seeking a chance at redemption and got it. The band brought out special guests such as The Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr. Watch those performances behind the cut and watch The Killers perform the New Royal Anthem above.

“This Charming Man” with Johnny Marr

“Always On My Mind” with The Pet Shop Boys

By the time they bring out the Pet Shop Boys to perform Always on My Mind, and Johnny Marr to race through a version of the Smiths’ This Charming Man, the deal is already sealed – their performance feels like a triumph. But the sight of [Brandon] Flowers, a noted Pet Shop Boys and Smiths obsessive, living out his dreams on stage provides it with something else: one of those elusive Glastonbury Moments festivalgoers talk so much about. Indeed, it’s hard not look up at the stage and say: those are the sons of bitches that did it.

BFlow has been on that YeeHaw agenda for yearsss y’all.

ONTD, have you seen The Killers live?

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