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Stranger Things Season 3 - It's Really, Really Good!

  • TVLine gives ST s3 a A+, calling it the best season yet.

  • Highlights include: Hopper parenting a teenager, Maya Hawke’s Robin becoming a trio with Steve and Dustin, and last year's MVP, Lucas's little sister Erica.

  • The only quibble is the central plot focuses on characters we don't care about so the stakes feel low.

The review embargo has lifted, so the spoiler-free reviews are here! Let's go!

  • Better than season two, appears the Duffer Brothers paid attention to criticisms.

  • Highlights: the women/girls get their own plots, Millie Bobby Brown is still great, Steve and Dustin, Maya Hawke stealing every scene she's in, Erica

  • Lowlights: the erratic editing and way too many flashbacks, 80s jokes seem forced, no one cares about Billy for so much time to be focused on him, too many characters so core relationships are forgotten

  • More of the same, for better or worse

  • Highlights: Joyce, Steve, Robin, Erica, Cary Elwes

  • Lowlights: the scale of the show is too big production-wise without it paying plot-wise

  • ST finally comes into its creative own in s3 while continuing to pay homage to its Steven Spielberg and Stephen King influences

  • Highlights: the kids growing into teenagers and their friendships changing, Joe Keery as Steve, Maya Hawke's "delightfully weird" performance

  • Lowlights: Nancy and Jonathan remain the weakest characters and too much time is spent on them, 80s references feel checked off a list

  • Season 3 is "Peak Blockbuster Television." They loved it

  • Highlights: a focused and confident cast and plot, Starcourt Mall is a set production marvel, Joyce and Hopper's “will-they-won’t-they” is delightful, Winona, Steve, Maya Hawke, Erica becoming the fourth wheel of the Steve/Dustin/Robin car, Max and El's friendship, Billy, the music

  • AV Club gives it a "B," the plot of growing up ultimately loses out to the 80s references

  • Highlights: grumpy Hopper, Will's growing pains, the body horror, Steve and Robin's comedy duo

  • Lowlights: show can't decide if they want to keep infantilizing El or let her grow up, Cary Elwes falls flat, Erica falls into "catchphrase hell"

  • The show is better than ever in s3

  • Highlights: El and Max's friendship, Maya Hawke in dry Uma Thurman greatness, Steve and Dustin, Erica, cinematic direction

  • Lowlights: the show is too damn dark

Sources: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
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