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The View: Mayor Pete, Chris Christie, Hot Topic Debate Recaps

Mayor Pete Talks Campaign

[Mayor Pete was already scheduled to be a guest for today]
Joy liked him last night. Right wing has been referring to Dems as socialists. He feels he is a Democratic Capitalist. Says the GOP uses socialism to describe whatever they don’t like. Me-again asked about not going to the spin room and talking to press gaggle. He says he didn’t have anything additional to say. She mentions Swalwell ageism quote. He says typical stuff, how he’d incorporate wisdom of the experienced with new visions of others, for everything from climate to economic equality, etc. Feels sometimes an outside perspective is beneficial.

Sunny says she was a fan and thought he was impressive. Brings up backlash of homes initiatives. Explains all the details, [second video] too much to transcribe. Talks about the feedback and how that affected redirecting funds to help with repairs. Moves on to national plan re/homeowners, mentions Douglas Plan. Talks about long ago policies that led to the issue and how to revisit those.

Ana brings up his earlier reference to kids (in his first video he mentions "my kids"..., seemed more like a euphemism), says she wants to be a godmother and teach them Spanish. Ana wants to know about Homestead. He said 5 other candidates from last night were there today. Homestead has 2,700 detained children. A local member of congress led them, but the facility people wouldn’t let them past the waiting room, or let them see the conditions they were in.

Chris Christie Has No Job

Christie says Harris won. Mentioned she had lost momentum, then gained it back. Said she was smart going after Biden. Joy wondered if that would rule her out as VP if Biden wins nom, Christie says no, brings up Reagan-Bush41. He talks more about her strategy, that she’s not running for no.2. Christie says Williamson, Yang, Swalwell, Hickenlooper, Beto, should quietly go home. (They didn’t list every candidate, those were his names off the cuff). Drags Beto some more.

Sunny brings up Bridgegate, he’s promo his book Let Me Finish and defends his position. Ana brings up Tr/mp joking about Putin meddling in the election and going after reporters. They play the G20 clip where dum dum says this in meeting with press pool, then Ana shames Christie for ever supporting that cretin. [Meanwhile Pres Carter who Yes is still alive says today that Tr/mp is in the WH because Russia put him there.] Christie says blah blah. Ana, Joy, Sunny continue to drag Christie about his alignment to Tr/mp. (It was funny to see them gang up on him). Me-again plays the victim (you don’t say!). Christie says he believes in climate change, he already put daddy Kushner in jail, believes the system will sort out the rest. He hates child separation, blames Sessions. Me-again tries to get the last word no one cares.

Hot Topic Kamala Harris Scores Big

Joy says general consensus that one candidate – Harris – owned the evening. They play clip. She feels that Kamala is running for no.1 not no.2 but she really likes a Biden-Kamala ticket, then Ana says no a Kamala-Biden ticket. Ana mentions Biden has been running a general election campaign, so she says he needs to fall back and engage in the primary phase. Sunny brings up that it was a planned attack, Kamala team tweeted out a photo of her as a child while Kamala was having her moment on stage. Sunny points out it showed a woman can stand toe-to-toe on debate stage with Tr/mp and hold her own (so did Hilary but here we are). Joy wished Biden had responded differently, gave example. Me-again talks boxing metaphors, thought Sanders and Gillibrand were horrible.

Hot Topic Marianne Williamson the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Prayer circle that she stays in the debates until the end of the year because she is the comic relief we need and deserve!

Me-again loved it. They show clip of her closing comment which is still so crazy I lol every time I see it. Sunny was embarrassed for her. Says her son said What are the qualifications to run for potus, Sunny explains, then says just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Joy says she’s no more crazier than Tr/mp. Me-again rattles off kooky statements she’s made. Ana feels that she’s taking up valuable space on stage.

Hot Topic Swalwell Ageism

Joy talks ageism pass the torch comment from Swalwell to Biden. Joy took offense. Ana says he’s a guy with an asterisk in the polls and said something to make a mark, that she thinks will come back to haunt him. Ana brings up Biden remark later about his debate time had ended, Sunny discusses how the light monitor works, etc. Me-again wonders how it will affect him in the polls. She doesn’t think Biden had the best night, but also doesn’t think it was enough to damage him, then she went after Swalwell for his ageist remarks. She thought Mayor Pete looked young and real green. Sunny didn’t like Swalwell phrasing, but she wanted to see less reliance on Obama vs what Biden will do more than that, gave examples. Joy reminds that the women (overall) kicked butt. Me-again drags Gillibrand in a shrill shouty voice, said she bombed. She liked that Yang didn’t wear a tie. Sunny mentioned conspiracy theory that they kept cutting Yang mic. Ana also thinks the women are doing it (overall) much better, credits Hillary for this progress. Joy still wonders if the country is capable of electing a woman potus.

Pride Month FYI


Sunny spotlights Sylvia Rivera. She was a Latina American gay liberation and transgender rights activist; she was prominent in the United States as a whole but was most significant for her work in New York City. Some claim Rivera, who identified as a drag queen, was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front. With her close friend Marsha P. Johnson, Rivera co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), a group dedicated to helping homeless young drag queens, gay youth, and trans women.

Y'all I'm exhausted what a week but boy some of you folks missed your calling so many funny comments

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