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Jake Gyllenhaal won’t stand for your Sean Paul slander, is apparently a huge fan

“I think Sean Paul is massively overrated.” Do not utter those words to actor Jake Gyllenhaal, ever. Apparently The Day After Tomorrow actor is Sean Paul’s no. 1 fan.

Gyllenhaal shut down a caller who said those exact words Thursday during a BBC Radio 1 segment called “Unpopular Opinion.”

“Nope, absolutely...just, just hang up on him,” insisted Gyllenhaal, who appeared alongside Tom Holland to promote the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. “Sean Paul makes every song better he’s in. Absolutely...he’s a genius. There’s not a song he’s on, a remix that he’s on that isn’t good. I totally disagree.”

“He makes driving fun!” he added. “I don’t care what you’re doing. You could be stuck in traffic and he comes on and then you wanna dance. Doesn’t matter.”

The Jamaican rapper and singer responded on Twitter and was grateful for Gyllenhaal’s words of support.

ONTD, do you stan Sean Paul?
Favorite song(s)?

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Tags: interview, jake gyllenhaal, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), radio shows / radio celebrity, tom holland

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