Babadook Roundup: Director Comments on Gay Icon Status, Second Edition of Pop-Up Book, and More

Jennifer Kent was speaking with EW about her new film Nightingale when the publication asked her about the Babadook's memetic status as a gay icon.

"I’m still trying to work that one out...It’s quite perplexing. I feel it’s really quite beautiful, but I still have no idea why. I mean, I kind of do. I guess he’s an outsider of sorts. It’s funny. It’s charming, I think, that the gay community has latched onto it. It’s really sweet. He’s trying to prolong his life, he’s trying to stay relevant.”

She even owns a special edition rainbow cover copy of the film on Blu Ray that was put out by Shout Factory earlier this month with a portion of the sales benefitting the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“I got one in the mail,” she says. “It’s got pride of place on my bookshelf.”

In a survey among 801 LGBTQ Americans, 6% of them (so roughly 48 people) named the Babadook as a gay icon putting him (it?) slightly below Taylor Swift.

There are other much more serious and smh stats in the survey, but this was one of the more upbeat things.

Methodology: Whitman Insight Strategies conducted an online quantitative survey among 801 self-identifying LGBTQ Americans through Dynata. The makeup of the N=801 self-identified LGBTQ Americans includes 235 gay (29%), 135 lesbian (17%), 366 bisexual (46%), 53 transgender (7%), and 53 queer, nonbinary (7%) individuals.

Remember that creepy pop-up book from the movie? Well if you missed your chance to get an actual copy, a second chance has arrived! For a short amount of time, people can place an order for a second edition of the book. Offer expires September 1, 2019.

The only catch is that they'll only print this second run if they get a minimum of 2,500 orders. If they don't hit that number, then everyone's orders will be refunded.

It's also pricier this time around as it will cost $100 USD (75 for the book and 25 to cover shipping since they're Australian based), and they're only shipping to certain countries.