Demi Lovato likes some interesting IG posts about ex Wilmer, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas

Demi went on a liking spree the other day and liked some questionable posts calling her ex Wilmer Valderrama (with his new gf), Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas 'fake' people. The group is currently together in France for Joe and Sophie's wedding. She also liked posts defending her anger towards people in her life who dropped her once she relapsed, possibly about Joe, Nick, ex-BFF Marissa, her ex-manager, her ex-sober coach, etc.

Demi recently deleted all IG posts prior to November 6, 2018 (over 2,000) which marked her first post since leaving rehab following her OD last July.

She's currently recording her next album and has mentioned being open and honest and finally telling her side of the story.