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STRANGER THINGS Roundup: Kids swear they're gonna be fine, Joe Keery @ a Red Sox game, and Dacre

• Each of the kids was interviewed, and the full interview does have some spoiler-y bits so if you don't want to know anything I wouldn't read this just yet.

In case you wanted to feel ancient, this is a literal quote from 14 year-old Noah Schnapp (Will Byers):
"My parents always told me about VHS tapes. And the Walkman, everyone had those. I had never even seen one until I got onto 'Stranger Things'."

• The children recap the last two seasons, so if you need to catch up but also don't really want to, this is a tight 14-minute video that gives you all the info you need.

• Joe Keery and Exec Producer Shawn Levy wear disgusting uniforms in the name of promoting their show.

• Joe Keery puts the nail bat to good use.

• Says "Billy gets really dark, but there's an amazing payoff." So fingers crossed that means the payoff is Billy's death.

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ONTD, do you know what VHS tapes are? Did you grow up with a Sony Walkman?
Tags: actor / actress, australian celebrities, interview, netflix, stranger things (netflix)
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