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The View: Julian Castro, Mike Epps, Hot Topics

Julian Castro Talks Debate Feedback, Family Separations, Tr/mp, Reproductive Rights, Border Crisis




[The panel says who they are when talking because he has audio (with a few secs delay) but no video]
NYT called Castro the breakout star, Google said search of his name up 2400% since last night. [He did so well!] Whoopi wanted to know if he’s slept, he jokes No. He gives The View credit for bringing on all the candidates regardless of polling, to give them a voice. Switches to his debate strategy, he’s happy. Sunny thought he had a lot of drop-the-mic moments, especially on immigration. She brings up remarks with Beto re/border crossings. Castro talks again the 1325 Immigration and Nationality Act and he wants it to be a civil violation not criminal violation, he feels his plan is different. [That was a great debate moment calling everyone else to get on board].

[Skip second clip if you just can’t take her today]. Me-again brings up open borders blah blah, Castro brings up difference between civil and criminal behavior, calls out this “right wing talking point”, mentions how much border structure we already have, bloop. Me-again is rude ugh. She tries to pretend he needs to win over people like her (lol she’s never voting Dem what a liar). Castro repeats we shouldn’t criminalize desperation. WE ALREADY HAVE LAWS for drugs and human trafficking. Article 1325 specifically is about family separation. Me-again wants another explanation why he is different from Beto.

Joy felt it was civilized, especially in comparison to GOP in 2016. She wonders why he didn’t go after the others. Castro laughs and talks his game again. He can hold his own without tearing other people down [classy]. He says Dems won’t beat Tr/mp by being like him. Joy thinks base wants him to take on Tr/mp (uh not that way?). His closing statement was awesome On Jan 20 2021 we get to say Adios to Tr/mp. Sunny brings up reproductive rights, Castro clarifies the trans element, and he wants to repeal Hyde.

El estaba en llamas

Mike Epps


Epps has a new comedy special Only One Mike talks about being a newlywed and what it’s like being a father to five girls. He didn’t watch last night’s debate but will watch tonight. He got married last weekend. Photos of her dress. She’s in the audience /pretty. Me-again is wow at the dress (uh no the dress is not good). He talks lovey dovey about his wife. They took everyone’s phones at the wedding, but some of his bro’s snuck them in anyway. T.I. rode in on a helicopter (oblig remained sexy while doing so). Me-again asks his wife some questions. They first met at an airport at 6AM, tells the cheeky story. They move on to his comedy show, tell some jokes. He has FIVE daughters. And a granddaughter. More jokes. He’s pretty funny.

Hot Topic Debate 1 Convo



[Paraphrased summary for each host]
Inslee comment on women’s rights was about his role as Governor. Men have to say how they’re stepping up. Spanish talk (lol). Joked that Jeb got dragged for Spanish in 2016. (Whoopi missed part of the debate due to World Pride NYC so she's mostly anecdotal in this convo)
Liked Klobuchar. Thought all the women were impressive. Thought Tr/mp would deport Beto for speaking Spanish. Wondered if Spanish was pandering.
JULIO praise. Liked Tulsi but she didn’t make a mark. More JULIO praise. Sunny brings up Beto visit to the show, says they had a backstage convo in Spanish, he’s fully fluent (but nvm accent). Feels Spanish was important to reach out to community.
Thought Tulsi was composed but disagrees on foreign policy. Tulsi was 2nd most googled trend, next was Booker. Mentions her being a veteran. Talks Booker side-eye meme.

Sidebar ICYMI when the candidates were speaking Spanish, the tv said [Speaking foreign language] for closed captioning. I mean looooool oof.

Hot Topic World Pride NYC


Whoopi opened World Pride NYC last night. Some photos. She says it was extraordinary.

Pride Month FYI


The Princess of Arizona /s Meghan spotlights Daniel Hernández Jr., a fellow Arizonan, who risked his own life to save Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, then used his own medical training to keep her alive. Now he serves in the AZ House.
[Amazing Story] In 2008 Hernandez volunteered for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and for Gabrielle Giffords' re-election campaign. /snip/ In 2011, while a student at the University of Arizona, Hernandez started an internship with the office of Gabby Giffords. During the first week of his internship, Hernandez was helping out at a "Congress on your Corner" event, which ended in an attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords. After Giffords was shot in the head, Hernandez immediately thought that the head injury might cause her to choke on her own blood, so he held her up and stanched the bleeding with his hand until employees from inside the nearby grocery store brought him clean smocks. In doing so, he is credited with saving the Congresswoman's life.

Debate 2 is TONIGHT @ 9PM Eastern on NBC, MSBNC, and Telemundo (broadcast TV, website, youtube channel, Hulu live, etc)
Candidates (L-R) Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden (center1), Bernie Sanders (center2), Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, Eric Swalwell

[Notable 3 Women, 2 POC, 1 LGBTQ]

Source links are below each video or section
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