Taylor Swift Announces Amazon Prime Day Headlining Concert!

Hot off her #2 single that compares homophobia to the hate that she personally faces online, Taylor Swift has announced she will be headlining a concert for Amazon, a company where employees are confirmed to have to piss in bottles in order to keep their jobs. Swift will be performing as a part of Prime Day, which will be streamed live to individuals who subscribe to Amazon Prime. Other performers include SZA, Dua Lipa & Becky G.

In her public letter to her senator earlier this month, Taylor made a point to mention that Amazon may not follow through with their planned "hub" in Tennessee due to the proposed laws that would allow discrimination against the LGBT+ community. Although they already had signed a letter opposing such discrimination, Amazon has not committed to change their plans to move to Tennessee if these laws are enacted.

LGBT Advocacy group "No Gay? No Way!" commented on Amazon's statement / lack of action earlier this year, in a statement published by The Tennessean:

"A statement is nice, but actions speak louder than words," Gaughan said in an emailed statement after Amazon responded for comment. "If Amazon is serious about LGBT rights, they will financially support the Tennessee advocacy groups fighting these bills, and they will put their own social and political capital to good use. They have the power to make a difference, through their strong corporate relationships. There’s a huge difference between actual leadership and a statement."

It is unknown how much Taylor is being paid for this event, and if it's more than the $113,000 she donated to The Tennessee Equality Project earlier this year.