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Creator of #FreeBritney movement being sued by the Spears conservatorship

Jamie Spears, on behalf of his daughter's conservatorship, is suing Absolute Britney blog creator Anthony Elia for defamation, in an effort to put an end to the #FreeBritney movement that alleges he and the rest of Britney's team have been violating her human rights.

In various posts to social media and his website, Elia has accused the troubled star's team of (among other things) "manipulating [her] Instagram account to create the illusion she needs help" and prohibiting her from driving or using a personal cell phone. The suit against him points out that the movement started by Elia has led to law enforcement getting involved in the family's affairs and death threats to "just about everyone" involved in the conservatorship.

In Elia's most recent post on Absolute Britney, dated June 14, he claims that Britney referenced red as her favorite color in an Instagram post to hint that "[she] is ready to take more of her life back," because "red in spiritual terms means strength, fire and power."

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