Marlena Stell (CEO of Makeup Geek) reveals her truth, again

After the controversy with Jaclyn Hill's hairy lipsticks and the Marlena VS Temptalia drama, Marlena Stell has released a 1hr and 30m long video (whew) explaining her side and behind the scene interactions with some notable beauty influencers.

About her "My Truth" video:
  • made the video out of frustration, wasn't meant to imply influencers are responsible for her company.

Jaclyn Hill:
  • met Jaclyn in 2012 after seeing her using MUG products, has her become the first affiliate of her company.
  • Jaclyn then wanted to start a makeup line in 2013/14 and Marlena wanted to help. They simultaneously worked on the MUG collaboration and helping JH with her own line.
  • Marlena shows a lot of emails about product development for Jaclyn’s own line and the collab, includes information about trying to get JH to sign a contract.
  • Marlena takes full blame for not signing a contract, and she doesn’t have ill will or hatred towards Jaclyn, however she was hurt at the time.

Hairy lipsticks:
  • she thinks she knows which lab is responsible,
  • apparently warned Jaclyn Hill about the lab bc of bad experience with a Makeup Geek concealer she was going to release but couldn't bc they were defective
  • never seen white furry gloves in a lab
  • she's being vocal not to hate on Jaclyn, but to make consumers aware.

James Charles:
  • Marlena was approached by Netflix last year in sept to do a doc, posted on Twitter to which James Charles commented on it completely out of the blue tagging Netflix, which then causes Netflix execs have Marlena take down the clip.
  • She thinks it's because James is angry about her my truth video (hit dogs will holler???).
  • She was offended and disrespected by being referred to as “that woman” by him.
  • James apologized over DMs, asked her to do a video with him and Marlena agreed but he cancelled on her.

Nicol Concilio:
  • mentions Nicol Concilio who Marlena had reached out to positively in the past (shows Twitter DMs)
  • Nicol tweeted in response to James Charles being like ~i agree i don’t get good vibes from “that woman”~.

  • was upset with Temptalia not for the post overall or talking about MUG, but for downplaying that Jaclyn’s lipsticks were unsafe and the tweet itself which “called out MUG in bold letters knowing that [Marlena] had been so vocal about the lipsticks”.
  • She apologizes to Temptalia for being "too strong" in her response.

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source: YT, summary credit, Jaclyn ONTD post, My Truth vid