The New 'Female Viagra' Has Reignited a Debate Over Drugs and Female Sexuality

On June 21st, the FDA approved Vyleesi which is touted as the new "female viagra" but has been met with skepticism. This is actually the second drug approved to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. The treatment involves an injectable pen taken 45 minutes before sexual activity and has been reported to cause nausea.

Vyleesi’s approval has many experts and those on social media making the argument that female desire has been over-medicalized and that drugs aren't the solution.

FDA data from 24-week trial of 1,200 women with HSDD:
25% reported a noticeable increase in sexual desire.
35% reported drop in psychological distress due to lagging desire.

Some experts are stating they believe women will feel pressured to take the drug to engage in sex just to please a partner or meet societal expectations.

On the other side, some feel that even though the increase is small, it’s important for women for improving their life and well-being.