JK Rowling Accused of Following Transphobic Twitter Accounts

JK Rowling has faced new criticism today for following a Twitter account of a "self-professed transphobe", Magdalen Berns. Trans Advocate, another Twitter account, discovered that Rowling had recently followed Berns. Other twitter users began digging deeper to find that Rowling actually follows many accounts accused of being transphobic. Rowling's representatives responded that she follows "a wide range of people she finds interesting or thought-provoking".

Berns has released YouTube videos with titles like "There is no such thing as a lesbian with a penis" and "Non binary bullshit", and has criticized the term TERF, calling it an "attack on free speech".

Rowling was under fire for favoriting a transphobic tweet previously, referring to trans women as men in dresses, which her team explained as being an accidental action due to a "middle-aged moment" when scrolling.

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