Harry and Meghan splashed out £2.4m on Frogmore Cottage so far

- the cost is expected to balloon to £3million (H&M team claimed the project would only cost £1.5m);

- H&M were offered a larger apartment (Apartment 1 with 21 rooms) in Kensington Palace but declined;

- Graham Smith (the Republic campaign group wanting the monarchy abolished) said you cannot justify the decision while all public services under intense financial pressure;

- friends of H&M defend them saying their place isn't as grand as some people may think;

- there is no information on how much security will cost;

- cost of the monarchy equated to £1.24 per British citizen (65p the year before);

- Harry inherited an estimated fortune of £20 million so he could pay for the renovation himself;

- it's been reported that the couple intends to spend a considerable period of time overseas.

source: twitter