Lesbian Couple Kicked Out of Aly & AJ Concert

Aly & AJ performed at the Alameda County Fair where a lesbian couple were kicked out for "kissing". They took to Twitter to say they were dancing together and "barely touching", which shouldn't matter either way. This all happened during the duo's performance of 'Take Me (Out)'.

There seems to be some confusion as to what happened. The guards claimed to have been instructed by Aly and AJ themselves to escort the girls out. Fans in the front row are saying the sisters didn't know what was going on until they saw messages typed on their phones.

They were both kicked out of not only the concert, but the entire fair for being gay. There were 4-6 security guards who saw to that.

The thread:

Transcript: "So, security, please do not do that. This is a pride event and we should be able to be whoever we are and do whatever we want. [Fans cheer] Alright, good job. I like that. This is why we have to stick up for eachother."

This hasn't really been reported on yet and Aly & AJ have yet to comment.

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