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ONTD Original: Top 10 Shocking "OMG WTF?" TV Twists

15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy's mom dies from natural causes.

During the fifth season, Buffy's mom died of natural causes during one of the most powerful episodes of the show. Truly shocking for a show about vampires and demons. The acting was also top notch, and it still ranks as a truly shocking moment.

14. Grey's Anatomy: George O'Malley is John Doe.

George O'Malley had been a series regular since season 1 and during season 6, a common John Dow that was being treated for saving someone from being run over by a bus was revealed to be George after he told Meredith he was 007.

13. Doctor Who: Missy is The Master.

We hadn't seen The Master since season 3, and season 8 build up a whole heaven storyline around Missy, but in the penultimate episode of the season, it was revealed that she was The Master, who happened to regenerate into a woman, also paving the way for timelords to regenerate into other genders.

12. M.A.S.H.: The chicken was a baby.

Hawkeye tells the story of how he was in a bus with a bunch of people and they realise that the enemy is nearby, so they shut off the engine, turned out all the lights and everybody got quiet. Except this woman in the back who has a chicken that won't get quiet. Hawkeye forces her to shut it and we later learn that it wasn't a chicken, but a baby that her mother suffocated to death.

11. Sherlock: The Reichmbach's Fall

Moriarty sets up a bunch of tramps for Sherlock forcing him to jump from the top of the building while Watson watches. It was truly shocking to see him later on the floor bleeding, and later finding out it was all a plan...with over a year of speculation between seasons.

10. Game of Thrones: Ned Stark dies.

I mean, if you read the book, you knew it was coming, but it was a shock nonetheless. We should've known since it was Sean Bean...

9. FRIENDS: Ross's London Wedding.

Monica was depressed during Ross's wedding to Emily and the episode delivers a huge twist when Monica sleeps with Chandler...and even later when Ross says Rachel's name instead of Emily's.

8. The Sopranos: The show ends abruptly.

People are mad to this day because the show ended abrup-

7. The Fairly OddParents: Timmy Turner is a 60 year old man.

Now hear me out. The show's entire premise is about Timmy having Fairy OddParents because he's a child, but during this episode the show revealed Timmy actually wished for everyone to stop ageing and for their fairy godparents to forget about that wish...and that happened 50 years ago!

6. The Leftovers: Nora reveals where the departed went.

The show said from the beginning that they wouldn't reveal how 2% of the popullation dissappeared, yet in the end Nora reveals she travelled to an alt-universe where the departed people go, and started new lives.

5. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Hydra is SHIELD.

Sure, technically the twist happened during 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' when it was revealed that most of S.H.I.E.L.D. was infiltrated by HYDRA agents, and one of the core agents of the show: Ward, was actually a nazi assassin.

4. Battlestar Galactica: The final 4 Cylons revealed.

THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF WAY OUT OF HERE, SAID THE JOKER TO THE THIEF... Damn, people were shocked to realize that some of the most loved members of the cast were actually Cylons.

3. The Good Place: This is The Bad Place.

It's so weird that a half hour comedy show can deliver such a mindblowing twist but, The Good Place is way above average, and the first season finale twist proved it.

2. Lost: We Have to go Back!!!

The show introduced flashforwards for the first time and most people's jaws dropped to the floor when Jack yelled WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

1. St. Elsewhere: The show and every single TV show in existence to this day is in the mind of an autistic's child.

On St. Elsewhere, Tommy was a very minor character, the rarely seen son of medical director Donald Westphall, a series lead. He’s totally insignificant to the plot until the series finale. At the very end of that episode, the camera pans out slowly on the show’s hospital St. Eligius, slowly revealing that it’s actually a tiny model inside a snow globe being held by Tommy Westphall. Donald Westphall enters, but it’s clear from his attire and the dialogue that he’s not a doctor, and more likely a construction worker. Donald Westphall’s conversation with his father reveals that the entire show happened inside the autistic kid's mind.

The thing is, St. Elsewhere is connected to almost every single tv show in existence, meaning other shows happened in the kid's mind too, for example:

- Doctors from 'St. Elsewhere' once visited the bar on an episode of 'Cheers', which means that was fake too.
- 'Frasier' was a spinoff of Cheers, so that happened in the kid's mind as well.
- The lead character 'The John Larroquette Show' called in to Frasier Crane’s radio show on Frasier.
- The John Larroquette Show mentions the fictional tech company Yoyodyne, which produces technology in 'Star Trek'. Yoyodyne was also a client of the demonic law firm Wolfram & Hart on 'Angel', spinoff of 'Buffy', all of them part of the kid's mind.
- Another client of Wolfram & Hart was the tech company Weyland-Utani, which made some of the weapons on 'Firefly'. A Weyland-Utani ship is also seen in a spaceship graveyard in the British sci-fi series 'Red Dwarf'.
- The TARDIS from 'Doctor Who' also appears in the hangar bay of the titular ship in Red Dwarf, so everything happened in the kid's mind too.

The St. Elsewhere finale caused that almost every single show (I Love Lucy, The X-Files, Breaking Bad, Friends, ER, Chicago Fire, Star Trek, 30 Rock, Alf, Seinfeld, The Nanny, Full House, every single Law & Order and CSI show, The Simple Life, Boston Legal, Knight Rider, Lost, and around 130 more shows) become part of Tommy Westphall's mind too.

You can see full graphic of the Tommy Westphall universe here.

(Click for bigger image)

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ONTD, which TV twist you remember to this day?

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