friendly fires announce new album, 'inflorescent', u.s. tour, and release a new single, 'silhouette'

  • friendly fires announced their third album, inflorescent, will be released august 16th

  • it's been 8(4) years since friendly fires released their last album, pala.

  • the album includes the previously released singles "love like waves" and "heaven let me in" and is co-produced by mark ralph, james ford and disclosure

  • friendly fires also announced u.s. tour dates in september in support of the album

  • stream "silhouettes" below:

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(*live reaction of me listening to "silhouettes" because [beyoncé voice] "i know you care!")

it's so bright and joyous...! i'm remembering why i became a fan.

ontd, what's the longest you've waited for one of your faves to get their shit together and give you what you deserve--outkast fans especially, feel free to live in your truth in this post.
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