The View: Olivia Munn, Pete Buttigieg, and More Hot Topics

Olivia Munn talks about her show The Rook, the USWNT, and Tr/mp New Accuser



Joy wonders what Olivia thinks about Tr/mp’s new accuser. Olivia says, before a story like that makes it to media print, it’s already gone through an enormous vetting process. Talks about the MeToo movement. Oliva says women and minorities have to be so perfect, and that just because one person messes up or lies, doesn’t nullify all of it or all of them. Me-again points out she’s a politician’s daughter because we never knew that before. Olivia brings up the men who are whining about how to communicate acceptably whereas everyone else rolls their eyes, been there done that. She briefly plugs her new show The Rook. Sunny brings up USWNT and unequal pay. Olivia feels people grasp it, but the ones who can change it don’t care. (The USMNT has said nothing on their behalf, not even good luck at the World Cup, because of course).

Hot Topic Tr/mp New Accuser


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E Jean Carroll is the latest accuser of s/x ass/ult by Tr/mp. They play a brief summary clip. Tr/mp claims he never met her, followed by a photo of Tr/mp, Ivana, her, and her husband in a group convo. F/cking liar godddd. Sunny is surprised at how many people complaining that she’s lying and she didn’t speak up sooner, but one of Carroll's friends pointed out how many lawyers he would use to bury her, so she kept quiet. Me-again thinks it should be investigated. Me-again says she’s the daughter of a politician (no way, surprise!), says she was skeptical of Stormy then believed her after Stormy appeared on the show and said her story, but brings up Asia Argento who turned out to be [blah blah a complete hot mess], so she always wants to know facts, ask questions. Also brings up Brett Kavanaugh vs Julie Swetnick. Sunny reminds that false reporting is between 2-10%, so most women don’t lie about r/pe because they’re victimized again. Joy says, If he (Tr/mp) walks like a duck and talks like a duck then… Whoopi says anyone accused, make it a court case, get it investigated, examine the facts. Whoopi brings up CP5 and Tawana Brawley, two examples where one was said to be guilty but it was a lie, whereas the other was the liar.

*Me-again or her team have totally been reading ONTD (hey people hey *waves*) because now she says “daughter of a politician” instead of My Father© lol

Hot Topic Mayor Pete



Mayor Pete suspended his campaign after a police shooting left a 54 yr old man dead. He held a town hall, which did not go well. Whoopi felt his intentions were good but was the town hall enough. Joy likes Mayor Pete, but feels Mayors and Governors shouldn’t leave their roles to run for potus unless their home is fixed, otherwise a possibly unfinished job. Sunny likes him, but she went to law school in South Bend, mentions he has a problem with the black community, which is 30% of the population. Whoopi says only 5% of police force is black and he let the black police chief go, then had a bad answer to constituent question. Joy brings up some good things he’s done. Unemployment dropped from 11% to 4% in South Bend, pulling in huge private investments. Meghan brings up drop in his polls in SC. Me-again wants to go in hard, because she’s the expert in campaigning. The panel felt like he wasn’t able to convey empathy even tho they thought he meant it. Panel thinks he should reflect on his town hall and figure out how to communicate better. (Programming note, he’s already scheduled to be on the show Friday).

Hot Topic Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus at BET Awards


Music is something everyone can connect to. The panel talks about collabs like this exposing people to other genres of music and how uniting that can be.

Pride Month FYI


Whoopi spotlights Jeanne Manford, who co-founded PFLAG as a result of an event involving her gay son.
[Read More] In April 1972, Manford and her husband Jules were at home in Flushing, Queens, when they learned from a hospital's telephone call that her son Morty, a gay activist, had been beaten while distributing flyers inside the fiftieth annual Inner Circle dinner, a political gathering in New York City. Reports stated that Morty was "kicked and stomped" while being led away by police. In response, she wrote a letter of protest to the New York Post that identified herself as the mother of a gay protester and complained of police inaction. She gave interviews to radio and television shows in several cities in the weeks that followed, always accompanied by her husband or son. On June 25, she participated with her son in the New York Pride March, carrying a hand-lettered sign that read "Parents of Gays Unite in Support for Our Children". /snip/ Prompted by this enthusiastic reception, Manford and her husband developed an idea for an organization of the parents of gays and lesbians that could be, she later said, "a bridge between the gay community and the heterosexual community". /snip/ The first meeting of the group—then called Parents of Gays—was attended by about 20 people, and was held at the Metropolitan-Duane Methodist Church, now the Church of the Village.

Plot twist: Morty's attacker went on to testify for gay rights on behalf of teamsters' union president Barry Feinstein more than a decade later, and formed a cordial relationship with Morty, regularly joining him for coffee and pastry.

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