Republic Records Releases Official Pride™ Playlist, Headlined by Straight People & Homophobes!

Republic Records has released an official "Pride" playlist on Spotify and it's a "who's who" of people who've acted against the LGBT+ community!

Artists include

Offset, who recently rapped "I cannot vibe with queers"
Jessie J, who called her past claims of bisexuality "a phase"
The Weeknd, who recently sang that lesbianism is a phase and he could "fuck a girl straight"
Taylor Swift, who currently using LGBT issues to promote her new album
Kiana Lede, who once tweeted that "we're all lesbians"
The Jonas Brothers, whose member Nick "gay baited" for an entire album cycle
Ariana Grande, whose brother Frankie is really annoying
Nicki Minaj, who admitted to saying she was bisexual for attention, whose brother is a convicted child rapist and who's engaged to a sex offender