Like an unmade bed. (likeanunmadebed) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Like an unmade bed.

Jack White has never owned a cell phone and thinks we all look ridiculous

-He thinks it's funny to walk down the street and see people on their phones
-He admits he's an anomaly and says, "Who knows? Maybe this is the way everything is going to be from now on. I have no idea and nobody really does. Maybe it’ll turn to implants. Probably it’ll turn into a microchip behind our eyeball or whatever."
-He makes fans at his concerts use Yondr pouches, which lock your phone during the performance. He thought of it as an art project/escape room type experience at first, but says people love it.
-Compares cell phone addiction to alcoholism and says, "if you can’t just put that down for an hour and experience life in a real way, that’s sad."
-Meanwhile, Glenn Danzig of the Misfits still has a flip phone - a Motorola Razr

This ONTD post from 2009 re-iterates that he hates technology.


ONTD, are there any technologies/basic items you refuse to own?
Tags: computers and technology, jack white / white stripes

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