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"Genie in a Bottle" Turns 20 Years Old

Xtina shared on Instagram the 20th anniversary of the song "Genie in a Bottle" that launched a, can you say, legendaric? career. Here's a mini #reflection of the classic through the years -

The iconic music video.

The TRUE meaning of the song.

"Genio Atrapado" - a translated version for her Spanish album Mi Reflejo in 2000 in which she also reshot the music video for.

Xtina's 2003 rock-infused Stripped Tour version of Genie in a Bottle.

- and none for Back to Basics era -

An synth pop re-recording titled "Genie 2.0" for her greatest hits album Keeps Gettin Better #theonethatTRULYstarteditallforOP.

That lil dance move

In "who asked for this?" updates

A Disneychannel recording of the song by Dove Cameron for the movie Descendants 3.

A bit of the melody was sampled in the 2017 song "Crying in the Club".

#SurvivingMemeCulture Internet comedian Casey Frey gives his crackhead rendition of the song.

Do you have any memories of GIAB?

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Tags: 1990s, anniversary / birthday, celebrity social media, christina aguilera

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