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Ayesha Curry Talks About Her Husband NBA Steph Curry, Her Heritage, Biden, Obama, and Family Food Fight



Icymi Ayesha is married to NBA Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and previously worked as a Canadian actress, who found her passion in the food industry. Her mom gave her the best advice, never lose yourself – if you’re a stay at home mom or not, do something you’re passionate about. Her ethnicity is Jamaican, Chinese, Black, and Polish. She moved to NC in hs, she identified as black while in Canada but in NC she felt less accepted due to her lighter skin tone. Cute pics of her 3 kids. Joy fixates that all kids were born in July so they got busy in September which makes the panel scrunchy face lol. Ayesha says they tried for several months for 2nd child but then it coincidentally worked out with the same July birth. Says her family comes first. They own a BBQ restaurant, where Biden showed up for ice cream. She laughs that they don’t usually have ice cream but they worked it out for him. Their restaurant hosted Obama for his Foundation dinner, they didn’t know they were actually ‘invited’. Says she’s the person who’s gotten the closest to potus with a knife (funny moment). Talks about her show Family Food Fight which is a family competition food series with $100K prize. Families cook the same thing but bring their cultural spin to it. Lol @ clip of her leaving the final taping of S1 snatching her own wig off and waving it.

George Will on Impeachment, Republicans, Mueller Report, 2020, Reparations



Icymi George Will is libertarian-style conservative political commentator and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who writes for WaPo, Newsweek, etc. He quit the GOP in 2016 and is now Independent, a never-Tr/mp. He's there to promo his book The Conservative Sensibility.

His stress dream (see below) is about being on The View. Joy says Tr/mp produces awake terrors. He quit the GOP because of Tr/mp so he got banished by Fox. He feels 4 yrs is a mishap, 8 yrs would be a pattern, anything more there would be no return to the Goldwater Reagan glory era (lol ok). Joy wonders if the GOP will disappear like the Whigs of yore, he doesn’t think it will go away because political parties are like cockroaches who live forever, but GOP won’t ever be the same. Ana points out the difference in GOP reaction to Clinton vs Tr/mp, re/impeachment. He talks about -what are the core motives or expected outcome, points out that (my paraphrasing) Tr/mp is awful but everyone knew he was awful so is he being impeached for being as awful as we already knew. This was philosophical, he doesn’t give his own personal view here (re should or should not impeach). Will says he has read the un-redacted Mueller report and says it’s terrible. [WAT why is a journalist allowed to read it but members of congress don’t have it or the general public.] “He feels” Pelosi strategy is that she doesn’t want to send a message to the Dem base, she wants to send a Dem potus to the WH. (They discuss GOP losses after Clinton vote). Sunny brings up reparations. In his book, he says equality of oppty not equality of condition (que?). He says if you want to deepen the discord, then try to assign guilt across 8 generations, that 3M black people self-identify as mixed-race, that majority of African Americans came after 13th amendment, brings up Japanese internment, previous Irish who were discriminated (but not slaves). Sunny points out (again) that the bill is for a study. Ana and Joy get exasperated. They move on. Meghan brings up that he’s said Dems must practice modesty if they want to beat Tr/mp. He feels Americans are sad, embarrassed, exhausted … by a man who never sleeps – Americans don’t want transformation, they want restoration, and a period of normality.

Do You Have Stress Dreams


Singer Gloria Estefan still has stress dreams, that she’s naked onstage. Joy dreams that too, that her boobs are out, or that she missed a test (also with boobs out). Sunny has the missed test, and missing classes stress dream. Sunny shares there are meanings, that the missed test = individual lack of confidence moving to next stage in life. Ana wants to know what does falling asleep and not dream mean. Joy is surprised the rest of the panel hasn’t dreamed they were running naked into the street.

Hot Topic Who Is Electable

Dem debates are brought up. Warren is the biggest name on the first night. Second night has Biden and Sanders. They discuss if it’s good for her. Me-again feels like 20 candidates is like Hollywood Squares (which has 9 people not 20 but ok). Sunny feels like Warren on her own will help her stand out. Thinks her folksy charisma will kill it. Ana is like a 4 yr old on Christmas Eve, she’ll be there, she can’t wait. The panel jokes that they can’t all remember if every Debate1 candidate has been on the show. Me-again thinks Marianne Williamson wasted their time. Sunny talks about Debate2, comparing Kamala and Pete styles and how she thinks they will do well or may surprise with their performance.

Hot Topic Warren Polls


Joy says voters are dealing with electile dysfunction (*ba dum tish*). Discusses polling with regards to electability, but when that is removed – the top candidate is Warren. They (polls) say Biden likely to win, but Warren is liked overall. Ana says work it out, then give her someone who can beat Tr/mp. Poll says a woman will have a harder time winning against Tr/mp, including women respondents. Meghan brings up that Warren came on strong, has good policies, but flails on simple questions (like C-the-god question about Pocahontas). Sanders is brought up, Sunny feels even tho they’re similar, Warren has energized people, has a plan for everything. Joy ends the segment with /general election/ Vote Blue No Matter Who. (Shouts the same into the oblivion)

Hot Topic Achilles Hope and Possibility Race


Race is for a charity that was established 17 yrs ago, benefiting wounded veterans. NYC race is on Sunday, 4 miles (run or walk). The showcased veteran who is running the race has a prosthetic leg.

Pride Month FYI


Ana spotlights Audre Lorde, who was an American writer, feminist, womanist, librarian, and civil rights activist. As a poet, she is best known for technical mastery and emotional expression, as well as her poems that express anger and outrage at civil and social injustices she observed throughout her life. Her poems and prose largely deal with issues related to civil rights, feminism, lesbianism, and the exploration of black female identity.

The first Democratic Debates are next Wed-Thu @ 9PM Eastern stock up on your alcohol and munchies

ONTD do you have stress dreams?

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