Lil Nas X drops 7 EP, features Cardi B

The new king of music, Lil Nas X, has dropped his first EP. 7 features pop-punk, hip hop, country and more. All songs are around 2 minutes because he knows what he's doing.

"Only one track on “7” even approaches the down-home sound of “Old Town Road” — and with mariachi horns and a surf-guitar lick beneath his exaggerated cowboy’s drawl, “Rodeo” is roots music of a decidedly different kind. Rather than duplicate his breakout song — which after picking up steam on social media burst fully into the mainstream in a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus — Lil Nas X here tries out a bunch of different styles, including pop-punk, grunge and EDM. The result rivals Billie Eilish’s album as the debut of the year. These songs, simply put, are great: vivid, funny, full of feeling and supremely catchy, even if they don’t quite offer a clear picture of who Lil Nas X is offstage or off-screen."

CNN: "Lil Nas X's new song just made the panini far greater than a sandwich. And no, "Panini" has nothing to do with sandwiches. He's actually referencing the cartoon character Panini from "Chowder."

“Cardi joins Billy Ray Cyrus as the sole features on 7, which finds Lil Nas X trying on a dizzying array of different sounds, including dance-pop and garage rock, and honestly killing at all of them. So much for a one-hit wonder; this time next year, Lil Nas X may very well be headlining the rodeo himself.”

"While it’s way too early and the bar is set too high to compare it to his first single, this track has enough legs to stand on its own."

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Me listening to Rodeo