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Neymar case: police still looking for evidence, Najila's lawyer makes a new accusation

The investigation into the claims Brazilian footballer Neymar raped a woman in a Paris hotel room is moving forward. The police has obtained new elements for the investigation, meanwhile the accuser's 4th lawyer keeps making waves in the press.

Let's take a look at the new developments.

Brazilian police got in touch with the French authorities in order to recover the CCTV footage from the hotel where Najila and Neymar met in Paris. This process is hugely bureaucratic as it has to go through the Ministry of Foreign Relations, so it's probable they have been working on this since the beginning of the investigation and the press only got wind of it now. The French police has already been able to obtain the footage, which shows Neymar entering and leaving Najila's hotel room. Brazilian police is interested in seeing whether Neymar behaved abnormaly when he was coming or going.

Najila has not given the police the cell phone they wanted (believed to contained conversations with friends, pictures of her bruises and possibly the full video of the second encounter with Neymar - and which the police had a warrant for) during her statements to the police on the 18th, alleging that it had been lost since the 7th, but it has emerged that she did give something else to the police.

According to her lawyer, Najila explained that her old phone, which she had promised to bring, was lost and that she was using a new one since. It is a newly-bought smartphone, with barely any messages or files stored. The police chief asked to keep it anyway, which she agreed to. Najila said she was able to transfer her old line (cell number) to this new smartphone. Her lawyer did not clarify to the press whether Najila gave the police access to her cloud (or if she even used a cloud backup). The cell phone will be given to a team of police technicians so they can try to recover the files and data sent to/from that phone line.

On the 18th, Najila also gave statements at a different police station about the cases connected to the main investigation, one of which is the report the doorman from her apartment filed against her, claiming she threatened him after he told police he saw her ex-husband taking a tablet from her home (which he did, but turned out to be their kid's). Lawyer #4 told the press Najila never threatened the man. He also accused the doorman of being a suspect of the break-in and of taking her tablet with the missing video.

There is no information from the police on whether the doorman is in fact a suspect. So far, the press has reported that the police has not encountered evidence that there was really a break-in/robbery. Najila had previously said that the break-in was part of a "plot against her" (by people connected to Neymar), then accused her former lawyer (#3) of having the tablet at his office (she said she used the location app and it pinged around his office). It is unclear whether she thinks that both her doorman and her former lawyer are involved in Neymar's alleged conspiracy against her. The investigation continues.

Lawyer #4 told the press the missing tablet and phone "are not as important as people are making them out to be". He says he didn't watch the missing video but that it "doesn't contain much more than what has been shown" and that Najila described its contents to him. Apparently, the video "shows her coming back again, they sit on the bed, he starts to console her, starts saying that it'll all be alright and she says 'no, but yesterday you hit me'. Things like that, that you will know about when it's the right time".

It is unclear why Neymar would concoct a conspiracy to steal her tablet if the video did not really have any importance for the accusation.

Najila's lawyer has officially requested the chief of police for an acareação (a statement by both Najila and Neymar in which they are face to face as they answer police's questions). The chief of police has not yet replied to the request.

If anyone is interested in a bit of criminal law procedure here,[Spoiler (click to open)]the chief can accept or deny this request. If she accepts, Neymar can also choose not to participate (not go or stay silent during the procedure), seeing as he's the one investigated and not obligated to produce evidence against himself. Used to be, the police could at least make the person go, but due to recent changes in jurisprudence it's not often that it happens anymore. If Neymar is charged and this becomes a criminal trial, Najila's lawyer can petition the judge for the acareação (in case the police denied it before). The judge can accept or deny the request, but if he denies it he must justify his decision (for example, he thinks it's a request meant to delay the trial and there's already enough evidence). The lawyer can't appeal this decision.

Lawyer #4 has given a number of interviews these past few days, keeping the case alive in the headlines. OP really can't handle translating it all but basically, he has criticized the media coverage of the case (for making Najila out to be crazy), Neymar's statement to the police, and even Neymar's lawyer for NOT giving interviews. He has steered clear of criticizing the police's work and said he's confident that they have a lot of evidence against Neymar (he says the public will know about it when it's the right time) but has stressed several times that Neymar is rich and has many ardent fans, while Najila is a regular person, who is "poor", so he wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't get justice.

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ONTD, do you believe the doorman is in cahoots with Neymar or is Najila bullying a minimum-wage worker? is the video really no big deal, and if so why are all copies of it missing?
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