JoJo Siwa doesn't think people make "true music" anymore + plans on making "timeless" music

JoJo Siwa, who reportedly sold 40 million(!) bows last year did an interview with Rolling Stone.

In it they confirm that the insane house that's exclusively decorated with Jojo Siwa merch in all of her videos is the one her family actually lives in.

The only visible non-JoJo Siwa merch in the house is a vinyl of Queen's Greatest Hits.

JoJo loves Freddy Mercury but does not love modern music because she doesn't think it's really music anymore like it was in the eighties, seventies, and nineties.

She plans on making real music in the future and says she literally sleeps with a piano on her bed.

To her credit, in the interview she explains (in a way that was surprisingly believable) why she's never going to get sick of doing what she does for such a young audience and start acting out like other stars.

JoJo says she genuinely loves it.

She also gives an example of how how completely loyal to things she commits herself to by pointing out how committed she's been for years to her ponytail.