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5 Lord of the Rings Movie Facts You Probably Don't Know

Pfft lbr we know everything

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is arguably one of the biggest events to happen to cinema. And the fans are arguably very passionate and don't miss a thing. Whether it's a behind the scenes tidbit (You can't double tig a tag) or an easter egg that Peter Jackson and Comp threw in for the die hard book fans, not a lot was missed.

But there could be a few. CinemaBlend picked the top five three moments you may not have known about.

1. The Filmmakers Used A Special Lighting Rig For Galadriel To Make Her Eyes Reflect The Starlight

Galadriel is old and has seen it all. The little bits of twinkly lights in her eyes show that she is the last elf to see the light of the Trees of Valinor. For the book readers to have a nice easter egg, Jackson rigged a light source to show that.

2. Gandalf Smashing His Head In Bilbo's House Was An Accident

Sir Ian is tall. Hobbit houses were built to scale for Gandalf scenes so the little bits of Sir Ian bumping his head were legit.

3. The Leaves Blowing During The Council Of Elrond Scene Were Painted Individually And Blown Onto Set By Crew Members

Since they filmed on location, to keep everything the same it took a handfull of crewmembers to paint each leaf to look like it was still autumn and to drop them down onto the scene.


Fave bts moment or little bit of trivia?

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