Keke Palmer speaks of struggle with acne as the summer co-host for "Strahan and Sara"

-Keke Palmer speaks of her acne struggle. She is the summer co host.

- She says Tyler Perry , who she had worked with a year before pulled her mother aside at the NAACP Awards and offered to pay for a dermatologist when she was 14.

-Keke a Dr.and a fan play a game on Acne do's and don'ts.

Does toothpaste help clear acne? [Spoiler (click to open)] No. It dries the skin out. Use retinoid cream instead, $25

Does rubbing alchol work? [Spoiler (click to open)] No. Use tree oil and a warm compress if you need to pop a pimple. Never your hands due to germs

Does diet work to prevent breakouts?

[Spoiler (click to open)] Yes. Dairy can increase breakouts by 25 percent. A diet rich in vitimin A foods like peaches and apricots, also dark chocolate 70 percent and up.

Ontd: How do you manage breakouts?