Mathew Knowles Says Beyonce’s Career Benefited From Skin Tone Bias

Rumors have always swirled around Beyonce for bleaching her skin but now her father Mathew Knowles, Says' Beyonce’s Career Benefited, Kelly Rowland’s Suffered From Skin Tone Bias'. Knowles said he taught a college class that did its own research study on “colorism” in music spanning a period of 15 years and found that, “overwhelmingly,” light-skinned black women fared better than darker-toned divas, especially at Top 40 radio. Rowland who had a better tone than Beyonce and was the first child to break out with the #1 hit Dilemma was dawged out due to her skin, “I think she would have had — I think it would’ve affected her success. And I use Kelly Rowland as an example. She’s a great example. But you know, the great thing is, Kelly did exceptional outside of America, especially in Australia. Kelly sold over 4 million records. She just got off-script.”

Let's not act like Matthew didn't favor his daughter.