The View: Howie Mandel, Then a Fight (!) and More Hot Topics

Howie Mandel Talks Marriage, Germaphobia, Therapy, Vegas, Americas Got Talent



Howie has been married a really long time. They talk about phobias, germs, ebola. Howie thinks Sunny watches p/rn and her reaction lol. Sunny also brings up Gwyneth living apart (sometimes) from her husband. He talks about traveling a lot, and that their short times apart are probably good for them both! He talks about therapy and thinks everyone needs a coping skill, so whatever works. He attributes it to helping him function. Talks about Deal or No Deal plus Americas Got Talent. He says he’s asked back because he’s affordable (haha). They play a clip of the blind and autistic boy who played the piano and sang, it’s a moment, icymi.

Hot Topic TRE45ON Racist Rally Plus Joy vs Me-again Fight


[Joy and Me-again have a thing, starting half-way through to almost the end]
Hellsbury Dough Boy, who looks like the photo negative of the Hamburglar, held a racist rally in Orlando last night, where he claimed to be launching his 2020 campaign but we all know he’s been campaigning since Jan 21 2017. CNN bounced live coverage as soon as he dropped his greatest hit fake news media. The crowd actually chants Lock Her Up. If you feel like you’re in a time warp, his OLD MEN CLASSIC ROCK TOUR trotted out his catalog, name dropping Hillary Clinton (whyishesoobsessedwithme.gif), witch hunt, no collusion, crooked Democrats, and the wall. Me-again said she watched and made note of observations, which led to a dust-up with Joy. It devolves to whether it's ok to call each other b/tches.

[Lol @ those who lined up 40 hrs in advance, because ok sure his base is mostly retired and not working?]

Here is what a real campaign crowd looks like, Obama in St Louis.


Hot Topic TRE45ON Says Screw Central Park 5


Ok not verbatim but basically yeah. The panel talks about the history of TRE45ON calling for the death penalty for the Central Park 5. On his way to his racist rally, he was asked about it. In typical KKK fashion, he both sides the issue. Joy points out that TRE45ON isn’t calling for the death penalty for the r/pist who confessed. Sunny plugs Ava’s film. Me-again takes a surprisingly decent approach, as well as pointing out that TRE45ON will never apologize for anything ever. The panel talks more about dna testing to exonerate the wrongfully convicted and find the right culprits.

Hot Topic AOC Says Border is Like Concentration Camps


AOC posted an IG story calling out the concentration camps on the border. A sensitive topic due to the reference to the Holocaust versus the textbook definition of camp that concentrates humans for the purpose of segregation and criminalization. The panel discusses the difference between concentration, internment, and death camps.

BONUS Democratic Debate Podium Placements
Placement of candidate podiums on the stage is a thing, closer to center is better


Debate 1
Wednesday June 26 @ 9PM Eastern
NBC MSNBC Telemundo

Podium alignment L-R
[Spoiler (click to open)]Bill de Blasio, Tim Ryan, Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren (center1), Beto O’Rourke (center2), Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee, John Delaney

Debate 2
Thursday June 27 @ 9PM Eastern
NBC MSNBC Telemundo

Podium alignment L-R
[Spoiler (click to open)]Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden (center1), Bernie Sanders (center2), Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, Eric Swalwell

[All six (!) women qualified for the first debate, and by coincidence, they’re split 3-3 between each night. Good to see so many women inspired to run.]

Hot Topic Lizzo and Sister Act 2


The panel shows a clip of Lizzo’s tribute to Sister Act 2 from the MTV awards. They talk about how much they like her. Whoopi has a lot to say of course.

Pride Month FYI


Whoopi spotlights Willi Ninja, known as the Grandfather of Vogue. Ninja was an American dancer and choreographer best known for his appearance in the documentary film Paris is Burning. Ninja, was a fixture of ball culture at Harlem's drag balls who took inspiration from sources as far-flung as Fred Astaire and the world of haute couture to develop a unique style of dance and movement. … The film also documents the origins of "voguing", a dance style in which competing ball-walkers freeze and "pose" in glamorous positions (as if being photographed for the cover of Vogue magazine). In 1989, Ninja starred in the music video for Malcolm McLaren's song Deep in Vogue, which sampled the then-unfinished movie and brought Ninja's style to the mainstream. One year after this, Madonna released her number one song "Vogue", bringing further attention to the dancing style.

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