Queen Ursula (queenursula) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Ursula

Pakistani blogger Muhammad Bilal Khan killed

Muhammad Bilal Khan, a Pakistani blogger known for his criticism of the Pakistani military and the country’s spy agency, was murdered in Islamabad. Khan had a fairly large internet presence with 16,000 followers on Twitter, 48,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and 22,000 on Facebook. On Sunday night he received a phone call instructing him to go Bara Kahu area to the G-9 area in the Pakistani capital where a man took him to the forest where he was killed.

After the incident, the hashtag #Justice4MuhammadBilalKhan trended on the internet and many in Pakistan blamed his criticism of ISI and the Pakistan military as the reason for his killing.

“This morning, Pakistani blogger Bilal Khan dared to mock Gen Faiz Hameed, the new head of Pakistan's feared internal security agency, the ISI. Within hours of his tweet, he was shot dead by persons, suspected to be ISI hitmen. This my friends is Naya Pakistan,” wrote Pakistani-Canadian journalist and commentator Tarek Fatah on Twitter.

Tags: death, internet celebrities, politics, south asian celebrities
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