Elisabeth Moss Scientologist Wore Some Dress But More IMPORTANT WHERE IS ALEXIS BLEDEL!


It's a dragon screw the source and I don't really know the meaning of the dragon so if anyone wants to talk about it that is knowledgable feel free I just want to know where my beautiful bae Alexis Bledil is she has been MIA in Promos and is the best part of Handmaids Tails so if you are thinking of skipping " THE HANDMAIDS TAIL" DONT just fast forward to my girl ALEXIS BLEDIL PARTS YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINT

Last year Moss dedicated her award to women and allies“brave enough to speak out against intolerance and injustice and to fight for equality and freedom in this world.” The Handmaid’s Tale cast recorded a PSA for Harper’s Bazaar and Planned Parenthood, about “denying access to safe, legal abortion care is dangerous and deadly.” It’s unfortunate that this needs to be said, but abortion access is being decimated across the U.S. as we speak".


OP Note: Where is ALexis Bledel? I haven't seen her in any of the promo stuff she is my favorite character :(. My only guess is she is pregnant again *shrug* anybody know? I don't know of any projects.