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The View: Dax Shepard, Willie Nelson, Hot Topics

Dax Shepard Talks About His Podcast, His Marriage, Air Pods



Panel discusses report that says people wear air pods during sex. Dax speculates it must not be that vigorous because the air pods would fall out. Talks about his two children with wife Kristen Bell. He went to NY for Father’s Day, realizes he’s ditched them (for work) on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Says if he and Kristen argue in front of kids, they make a point to make up in front of kids, which helps teach the kids about conflict resolution. Feels it would be unrealistic if they never argued in front of kids. Talks about his podcast Spin the Wheel.

Willie Nelson



[Wondering if Willie may have been a wee bit high lol.]
Has a new album to promote Ride Me Back Home. Willie talks Vegas residency. He loves Beto O’Rourke, thinks he’s a good guy. Joy wonders if Beto should drop out and run for TX Senate. Willie feels the candidate pool will sort itself out. They show a clip on a new song If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ‘em out. That’s what election day is all about. The biggest gun we got, is called the ballot box. If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ‘em out.. Joy wonders if people listen to Willie, re/politics. He thinks Yes to some degree. Talks about his stance on immigration, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Julio Iglesias. Sunny asks him about his poker playing. Willie mentions Frank Sinatra is his favorite singer, was honored to receive an award for his cover of Sinatra’s My Way.

Hot Topic UK Bans Gender Stereotyping in Ads


Norway already did this in… 1978! The ban doesn’t allow any sexist tropes. Sunny talks about Gen Z, sidebar from panel what years define Gen Z, they’re attracted to gender neutral and don’t like labels, and they’ll have the most spending power. A bizarre discussion about parallel parking in NY vs Miami. They discuss how it’s ok for girls to like all sorts of things, not just stereotypical girl things.

Hot Topic Biden vs GOP


Joy and panel discuss Biden’s approach that we need a leader who is willing to work with the other side. Ana thinks Biden has skipped the primary campaign approach and jumped straight to the general election to woo Republican voters fed up with Tr/mp. Panel talks about how McConnell essentially stops everything. Joy and Ana talk about Tr/mp constantly going after Biden, which only helps Biden and hurts Tr/mp. Sunny discusses McConnell obstructing Merrick Garland, and that McC. won’t work with any POTUS. Me-again supports that compromise is possible and should return to working together. Sunny points out that only 68 judicial nominees had been blocked in all Presidential history, whereas McC. blocked 79 Obama nominees. McC. is the devil and he has got to go.

Louder for the voters in the back, we must keep the House, take the WH, and take the Senate.

Hot Topic Harvard Rescinds Admission for Racist MAGA



[Video caps are identical but they're part1 and part2 of the same discussion]
Parkland student who survived the shooting was initially accepted to Harvard. Then his racist, sexist, and anti-semitic online remarks came to light, so Harvard rescinded his admission. Now MAGA wants to boycott Harvard, which is like Jabba the Hut boycotting sex with Jennifer Lawrence. The MAGA boy says he was saying things for the shock value, and apologized (roll eyes alert). The remarks were made 2 years ago. David Hogg who had lower test scores and GPA got in to Harvard (but they don't clarify how much difference, or how would they know that). Ana first thought about how it may have been harsh, then she read how Harvard had rescinded admissions of others for the same reason in the past, so it’s on brand for them, and now she feels you can’t go to Harvard if you’re a racist misogynist, but you can grow up to be President! Sunny brings up what age is the brain fully formed and first thought Harvard made the wrong decision, then her son pointed out something happened like that at his school, and that he’s old enough to know better so why would this kid get a pass, don’t his feelings matter, Sunny changed her mind, Harvard is right. Joy points out that words have consequences, there is a lesson to be learned, the lesson is that you don’t get to go to Harvard. Me-again had a similar take, at first felt it was harsh, but believes he’s old enough to know better, then segues to cancel culture and blah blah. Sunny points out the irony of his anti semitic remarks because his parents are Jewish so his explanation of just doing it to be shocking doesn’t make sense.

Pride Month FYI


Sunny spotlights Rev. John Kuiper, who was the first openly gay man to publicly adopt a child in the US. A year after he adopted a 13 yr old boy, he came out in 1979 and said he was raising a child with his partner. The case was sent to family court, where the judge ruled that the boy was in a good home and loved by his father.

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