Tori Spelling Gives TMI On Everything From Vajazzling To Watching Porn

Tori Spelling spilled on the dirty details of her marriage to Dean McDermott.
The two met in 2005, both were married to other people.
They knew they were “in trouble” as their eyes locked on the set of “Mind Over Murder”.
They have now been married for 14 years, the passion is still hotter than ever.
Spelling recalled vajazzling for her hubby “when it was first on trend.” 
“you can have, like, designs, little shiny jewels and stuff put on.”

McDermott recalled “I went down on her and I came up and it looked like I had a stud in my nose, like did you get your nose pierced? No, your vajazzle came off,”

Another way the couple keeps the love alive is by watching porn together. 

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