There Were A Lot Of Problems During The Men In Black: International Shoot

The Hollywood Reporter details other reasons, aside from the casting, why the Men In Black reboot flopped.

- First Sony wanted to get Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back for a sequel, but it deemed “an expensive and not as forward-looking proposition,” the studio decided to go the spinoff/reboot route.

- Earlier ideas for a reboot included a crossover with 21 Jump Street but Jump Street producer Neal Moritz refused to compromise on his cut of the profits and the plan fell through.

- The original script was good and that is why Hemsworth and Thompson signed on. But after Sony executive David Beaubaire, left last summer, F. Gary Gray and original MIB producer Walter Parkes, started fighting.

- Walter Parkes ordered script rewrites during preproduction and production. New pages were being delivered to the actors daily and Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson ended up hiring their own dialogue writers.

- Walter Parkes also stepped in to direct a couple of times, and F. Gary Gray tried to exit the projects several times, but was convinced to say. The two men even fought over things like color-correction.

- There were no major reshoots or public test screenings. There were two versions of the movie were tested for friends and family: F. Gary Gray’s cut and Walter Parkes’ cut. Ultimately Parkes’ cut was chosen because he had final say.

- Sony did nothing about the infighting or problems during production, the article refers to them "as an absent landlord."