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Updates on the Neymar case: investigation on its final phase

- A team of 3 female prosecutors specialized in domestic violence has been overseeing the police's investigation on the rape. One of them said in an interview: "With crimes that involve domestic violence, always the word of the victim is worth a lot, as long as there are other elements that support it".

- Neymar gave a statement to the police. There was a heavy security scheme and lots of fans outside the police station chanting his name, yelling "gold digger" and holding a huge sign saying "let the truth be told! no scam!". Some people sang the national anthem, and a mascot for a League of Legends team was seen amid the crowd.

- Neymar said the sex was consensual, that he used a condom (he says he needs to be safe because he's an athlete), that Najila had requested to be slapped on her ass and that she had posed for the picture taken afterwards (she claims Neymar pushed her and took the picture without her consent). One of the prosecutors said he answered all their questions and that his statement was "satisfactory".

- Neymar gave a brief statement to the press afterwards saying that he was feeling calm and that the truth comes out sooner or later. He said his only wish is for this case to be over as soon as possible.

- Najila's new lawyer (#4) was chosen by her father. Najila went to Bahia to see her father and meet with him. She was there for the past three days and just got back to São Paulo, accompanied by the lawyer. They were photographed at an airport. Since he was hired, he has given numerous interviews, and said that the victim's word has "absolute value" and that: "The one who has to prove he didn't commit the rape and the assault is the guy who is being accused. He's the one who has to look for evidence to the contrary". To a different newspaper, he said: "[Neymar] can't demand that she has proof [of the rape]. He's the one who has to prove things. She doesn't need proof of anything. She was, according to her, raped. [...] He has to prove he hasn't done anything".

- The new lawyer gave another interview in which he said Najila was high on pills when she said that the police was bought. He said "she didn't mean to offend. She wasn't affirming it, she was asking". He said he recommended that she make a video explaining that and apologizing "if anyone felt offended". However days later, she hasn't made the video or any sort of public apology to the police.

- Najila herself has not given more interviews, per the lawyer's instructions according to himself. He also said he recommended that she take fewer pills. The lawyer got Najila's father to record a video to support his daughter. He admits that he's not close to her and seldom sees her, that he heard of the Neymar case (and the stabbing case) from the media, but defended his daughter saying that he thinks justice is not being done because Neymar is a rich and powerful man and Najila is poor. He said Najila is not "a dog without an owner" and that "no one can judge his daughter if the only ones who were there and know all the facts are God and those two [Neymar and Najila]".

- Lawyer #4 also said that he's not going to drop Najila's case "even if he comes to believe she's lying". He said he's "not convinced" about what actually happened in Paris. He admits he hasn't seen the full video of the second encounter between Neymar and Najila.

- Najila has not complied with the deal she did with police to turn in her cell phone, which contains important evidence for the investigation. She was supposed to turn it in a week ago. The police sought and obtained a warrant to seize the phone, however the warrant is only valid for her apartment, and she hasn't been staying there, which defeats the purpose of the warrant.

- Najila's lawyer has been telling the press that he doesn't see why people want to see her tablet or cell phone so badly. He said he won't base her strategy on the video. "We talked and she confirms all that she said. I don't see a need for this tablet, this cell phone, which has another 4, 5 minutes [of video]. Neymar is the one who has to prove it wasn't against her will". He has not said whether he'll turn the cell phone in to the police.

- The police has collected all the statements it needed and is now on the final phase of the investigation. Rumour has it they might wrap up the main investigation (of the alleged rape) by Wednesday.

- Oh and meanwhile, Najila's ex husband was invited to be part of a reality show later in the year. It's basically a low rent version of celebrity big brother that takes place on a farm and it's a very popular show.

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