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Finn Wolfhard jokes that the RIVERDALE cast doesn't get along; Dacre Montgomery starting a podcast

These are two VERY different headlines from a promo tour that hasn't really given us a ton of info. I'm always here for potential fandom drama and weird podcasts tho, so here we are!

• The Stranger Things kids (Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink and Noah Schnapp) were on the Today Show when one of the hosts commented:
"One of the things I really enjoy about you guys is that you seem to genuinely enjoy each other off-camera. Occasionally, we'll have groups in here and they don't always enjoy each other."

Which is only something someone who really enjoys starting drama would say. Bless.

• Finn Wolfhard jokingly responded with "Riverdale," which garnered this reaction from his castmates:

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Who glossed over his joke well because they knew it was too early for drama, even the joke-y kind.

• No word yet on the adult cast of Riverdale coming for a bunch of teenagers, but it's only a matter of time before one of them subtweets @EmoKidFromHortonHearsAWho

Dacre Montgomery for MR PORTER

He’s working on a podcast series for which he narrates his own beat poetry over improvised scores by different musicians

• “In the previous season, [Billy] was more of a bully, but now he’s really raw and evil. There’s the beginning of an exploration of a real antagonist.”

• Feels that all of his training as an actor (he's trained for ten years, which is super important) has led to this moment and his work on season 3.

I can't wait for the adults to start doing promo because the kids are charming, but also very guarded with what they can actually share. Also, Dacre is a caricature of an ~intense actOR~ and I love it lol.

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ONTD, do you get along with your coworkers? Do you narrate your own beat poetry over improvised scores by different musicians? Discuss!
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